Testimonials From Moore Designs' Clientele

My husband and I are busy physicians who wanted to build a house. We delayed this for several years as we were intimidated by the building process. Most of all, we had heard extremely difficult stories of builder/buyer relationships. We were referred to Lisa and David by our good friends who built a beautiful house with them. Upon meeting Lisa and David, my husband and I were immediately struck by their warmth, honesty, efficiency and professionalism. My husband and I felt extremely comfortable moving forward with them. They were extremely honest about their builder profit and showed us their books. Moreover, we were comforted by the fact that multiple clients were building second and third homes with them. We continued to have meetings with them and they continued to impress us with their patience, knowledge and compassion.

They are extremely systematic and organized.They laid out the entire process of building.They have their own subcontractors who they work with regularly.They also have a solid heirarchy system with their staff. They made it extremely easy to ask questions.They were quick with their emails. We were able to contact David immediately by text with ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS. It was a dream. Lisa and David have an amazing reputation in Milwaukee. After we had interviewed a few builders, they wanted to know our final decision. Not one builder could say anything negative about Moore Designs and congratulated us on picking a fine builder with such ethics.

We currently have moved into our dream home.The process of building with the Moore's DOES NOT STOP at the house being built. It is truly, truly a dream. Along with building with the Moore's comes an entire crew of people who ensure that you are comfortable and feel safe in your new home. Steve and Tyler who oversee the building have just been amazing. My husband and Steve communicated regularly throughout the building process. When we asked something of Steve, it was immediately taken care of. We never ever felt like we needed to oversee anything. In all honesty, it felt like family members were building our home. Since we have moved in, Tyler has been so amazing and reliable. We were having trouble with a door and were able to facetime Tyler at 10 pm that same night.

The dream continued when Steve and Tyler told us that anything that was damaged during the move could be touched up.

Now we get to the maintenance of the house. When you move into your home, you get a long list of subcontractors and companies that the Moore's use. Essentially, you are never searching for unreliable people to show up to your house to do work. It is all built into the system.

If you are at all thinking about building a house, please don't waste your time looking further than Moore Designs. I assure you that it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. I am happy to talk to anybody about our experience.

The Sharmas

It’s been a great pleasure having gotten to know you and your team better. Simply watching the amazing workmanship and attention to detail which you exhibit in your home building is quite superb! We are so impressed by how it is all coming together and are anxious to finally settle in soon!

The Christoffels

If you're looking for a home builder that exceeds the quality expectation, then Dave and Lisa Moore should be your builder choice. Point #1: Quality Costs. Point #2: Quality Costs. Point #3: Quality Costs. Others might be able to do it cheaper, but others won't do it better. Moore uses the most ethical and competant subcontractors, along with their own highly skilled carpentry crews. That's right, they're "builders" not contractors. They actually are involved in physically building the home. Customers of high-end homes can be tempermental, demanding, unreasonable, tactless, and naive. Not saying WE were any of those; however, our experience was that they were always very respectful, professional, and tactful. If we were ever to build another home, we wouldn't hesitate to ask them to build it. Point is, we won't ask them to build us another home because, they've already built us the most perfect home we've ever, or will ever, live in.

The Hans

Dear Lisa & Dave, Thank you for building us our dream home! We love the final product, but perhaps more importantly, we loved the process of working with you and everyone at MDI. We can't thank you enough!

The Kushis

I just wanted to thank you, again, for our incredible office space. It’s a fantastic place to come to work. Thank you so much. It’s a real game changer in my view and we’re all delighted to be here. It looks and works incredibly well. All my best, Linda (Cedar Lake Conservancy)

Cedar Lake Conservancy

We have recently completed our first year in our new home. Most of the new furniture has finally arrived and we are now settled in working on the finishing touches of decorating the interior. Following a long summer that included landscaping and lawn care I have finally begun to sit back and enjoy. The lawn and landscape has truly come around and is a compliment to the home itself. The remodeled boathouse (thanks Dave for nudging me in that direction) brings joy to my heart every time I look at or walk into it. I don't do well with poor quality and the boathouse contributes immensely to the care I like to give to the boat and other equipment housed therein. Lisa, you did wonderful work with all the selections and the way that everything has come together is a tribute to your giftedness. Thanks so much for your patience with us. Thank you for your efforts and time spent designing and changing the designs to meet our desires. I am thinking of our numerous conversations as I sit here in the comfort of our home, warmed by the soothing flames of the fire place, looking out on the lake as the ice begins to form. Christmas is right around the corner and our family and 7 grandchildren will be here to celebrate the birth of Christ our Lord. I am excited to have all the kids here as we make lasting memories of our time together as family. They receive as much joy from being here as we do. I would like to take this moment to wish you all very Merry Christmas.

The Kultgen's

Attached are the items (8) we found in our walk through today when completing our final punch list (after our 1 year occupancy). I must tell you the list is short, due to the exceptionally high quality work completed by Moore Designs. We could not be happier with the result of the design, supervision, and build of our new home. Looking back, we learned what quality is all about! I would also like to stress that we are not the only people that have recognized the quality of our home. Friends and relatives have all commented on the success we have had in working with you and your firm. Most important to us, is the attention that you paid to us during the construction. We never had any worry that we were not in good hands. Your team was exceptional in communicating each and every step of the process. Our expectations were always exceeded. We would also like to thank your team for their patience with us as we built our first home. I am sure we were not your easiest customer to work with, but we will be your best reference if ever needed! Dave, we cannot say enough about what a positive experience we have had with Moore Designs. If you are interested, we would love to build our next home with you in the not too distant future!

The Boemer’s

We are coming up on our one year anniversary of moving in to our new home. The wonderful house you built is an absolute dream come true! Our family truly appreciates it and enjoys it every day. We constantly marvel at the beauty and details throughout the home--the fine woodwork, cabinetry, beams, flooring, plasterwork, roofing, etc., etc.! The high quality and unparalleled craftsmanship that went into building our house is simply amazing. It's all so gorgeous! You paid attention to details that I'm sure most homeowners probably wouldn't recognize. No corners were ever cut. You made recommendations and improvements to the original architectural plans--things you didn't have to do but they were the right things to do--always looking out for us. Thanks again! "Getting it done right" should be your motto! We know our house will stand the test of time--not like many new homes that fall into disrepair after several years. You have built a business of which you can be very proud. The whole building process went so pleasantly without hassle. Our satisfaction was always your priority and all of you made sure we were always satisfied

The Hinke's

We really appreciate all the time, energy and hard work you put into our home. We are very excited to be moved in and are looking very forward to a lifetime of memories there!

Michael and Julie

When we came to the decision to build our new home, we knew we had to find the "one" right builder for us. My wife knew that for me to get on board with the project, I would have to be personally involved in, not only the project as a whole, but in details and minutia most builders would find intrusive and try to minimize. The third builder we interviewed was Moore Designs. During our first meeting, my wife and I both knew we had found the "one" for us. Dave and Lisa Moore presented themselves as knowledgeable, experienced, committed to detail, personally involved and receptive, and throughout the process validated each point repeatedly. Equally as important to me, they encouraged, welcomed, and embraced my personal input and involvement in any and all technical and tactical details. They were experts in enhancing our rough idea of layout and sense of style combined with our technical interests creating our perfect home. Their involvement helped provide us a barn/outbuilding which many people ask if it was part of an original farmstead. Their building practices, construction techniques, overall quality, design input, and attention to detail are unquestionably top of class. Throughout the planning and building process, I came to know the principals and workforce of each of the top notch subcontractors involved, and was consistently pleased to hear of each individual's respect for, and commitment to, Dave and Lisa Moore. We hope they enjoyed working with us as much as we enjoyed working with them.

The Johnson's

Thank you so much for the recent visit, as well as the advice and guidance you offered as we try to insure that our house is presented to prospective buyers in the best possible light. Our home is 16 years old now. Hard to believe! But even after our "warranty" expired...it really didn't. You've always helped us with any question or issue we've had. We've always appreciated your generosity. When we sell our home and move on, we are very confident that the new family will love living here as much as we did.

The Mies's

Thank you for making our dream a reality! Thank you for your expertise in this project, it has turned out great!

The Timm's

Thank you for your vision, thank you for seeing the big picture, thank you for your patience, thank you for creating the most beautiful house I've ever seen. You guys are all so talented, we feel so lucky to have been able to work with the most amazing contractors. THANKS!!!!

The Prescotts

Just a note to say "thanks" to both of you and the staff at Moore Designs for building our new home. We thank you, Lisa and Dave, for your professionalism, honesty and integrity. Also, thanks to John for a beautiful yet functional design and to Ruth who kept us organized and informed during the process. This was the best experience we’ve ever had building a home (which is our third). Special thanks to Don for his patience and persistence in bringing it all together at the end. We're so proud of our Moore Designs' home. The quality is that of days gone by and the design is timeless. Simply stated, we are just thrilled we chose Moore to build our new home. God bless all of you!

Joe and James

It was a real pleasure working with you on our remodel project. Your expertise, professionalism and great staff made our experience one that we will remember as very positive. You listened to what we wanted and did your best to make it happen—always being mindful of keeping costs within reason. The subcontractors were also wonderful to work with. All of them doing their best to disrupt our lives as little as possible and being respectful of our home. We will never forget the night of the flood (in our neighborhood) and you responded so quickly and stayed until things were under control. That was above and beyond the call of duty. We are still getting settled but we love all of the new spaces and will enjoy our home for many years to come. Thanks for everything!

The Schmeling's

We want you to know how very, very, very happy we are with the results (of our gut & remodel project). It's hard to express how much we LOVE what you have done to our home and for us. We are so comfortable and you have given us a wonderful gift. You have made our life in this new house so much easier and enjoyable. Bless you all! We are so proud of how this project turned out. Thanks to the wonderful expertise of all of you, your designs, suggestions, additions, enhancements and craftsmanship have made it a beautiful, brand new home. Everyone involved...has been exceptional and you made it so easy for us. Your concerns for our wishes were and still are appreciated. Every concern and question was met with prompt and friendly attention. I have much more to say but hope that in some way, I've expressed our deep, deep admiration and gratefulness for all you have done for us. We will forever sing your praises. You are the best example of what talent, dedication, concern for others and plain old, good work ethic is all about.

The Banovich's

You were here on Monday doing our final punch list. (Can you believe it has been a year today since we moved in?) It is a testimony to your work that it was a very short list! We really enjoyed working with you and all of your subcontractors. Dave and I marvel at what a great experience it was. Someone asked us recently if we made any mistakes when we built the house and we had to say there was just one minor thing that we would have changed. We owe this "almost" perfect house to your design process, ha ha. It was the right combination of being open to what we wanted, your experience about what has worked (or not) in the past and your passion and pride about what you do that makes our house perfect for us. We especially want to thank your for working so hard "to get it right the first time". Your patience in taking Dave's dream porch and making it a reality was well worth it. We have a beautiful house and better yet fond memories of building it. Who could ask for anything more? Which reminds me, I tell everyone how honorable all of you were when Dave got sick and we asked to delay starting construction.

The Schrader's

Lisa, I am so thankful we chose Moore Designs to build our home. I truly enjoyed the process because you gave us so much guidance and help, yet let us be ourselves. With us, that is quite a feat !! I also must comment on the team you have working for you and the added help getting settled. They were terrific, and we appreciate all the personal extras you provided. Thank you for the excellent experience.

The Tyberg

It is nearly a year since we moved into our home and we wanted to let you know that we are truly enjoying living here. We appreciate all the hard work put in by the entire team at Moore Designs. We especially appreciate Dave’s input and patience with the changes that emerged as the house was being built. The final changes in cabinetry added significantly to the beauty of the air-lock and great room. It is reassuring to be able to call Don and have questions (big and small) resolved in a timely manner. We are also confident that you are only a phone call or e-mail away for future questions. The woodwork looks beautiful everywhere but the air-lock, greatroom and kitchen are our favorites! Thanks!

The Desai's

Thank you for all your expertise and guidance and making our building experience a wonderful one!

The Tyberg's

We LOVE our house. Things are settling down with moving tasks and it's really taking shape as we place our personal items. Most importantly, as we live in our house, we're finding the design/layout/details to be very functional & very comfortable & livable, which is EXACTLY what we wanted. We constantly comment on how pleased we are with the house and how well it was designed to meet our specific and particular needs. You hit a home run - - actually a grand slam!!! Please be sure to let your staff know how pleased with are with the design and amenities. Also, we truly appreciate the high quality work done by your rough carpenters and the excellent sub-contractors you work with. Amazing job! Finally, Dave, you're the BEST. You made the experience fun, enjoyable, exciting, and rewarding. Your advice and expertise is/was invaluable. We can't thank you enough for making our vision a reality that exceeded our (high) expectations!!!!! Lisa: the master bathroom columns are now accented & turned out great. The powder room is being done in a brick red Lustre Stone this week and is looking very dramatic! Thanks for your interior design advice/expertise!

The Gears & Gear Interiors

"Due to job changes, we have to put our home up for sale in Spring. It will be real tough to leave this house; we have come to love it so much. I don't think that we could ever find builders and a company as good as yours anywhere. Thanks for everything.

The Peters

"It has been a little over a year since we took possession of our new home on Big Cedar Lake....We really love the feel and comfort of our new home and are very impressed with the quality of workmanship. Both of you played a large role in getting us to where we are today. These were not easy decisions to make. Your ability to outline the alternatives with their corresponding pluses and minuses was very helpful. Ultimately, some decisions had to be made on trust. Building trust takes a while and can't be done in a minute. We very much respect and trust the working relationship we have with both of you. You came through on all your commitments...We look forward to seeing you both in the years ahead."

The Desch's

"Thank you Dave and Lisa for your perseverance throughout our building process! The rewarding joy has truly come-to-be! We have a wonderful home to share with family and friends. We look around and marvel at the workmanship, the attention to detail, the quality and the charm. How inspirational it must be for the 2 of you, plus your staff, to feel the sense of accomplishment each time you turn a vision into success. Wow--what a reputation to admire. . . Thank you again, for listening, for moral support, for all your acts of kindness, for sharing in the laughter and for celebrating from ground-breaking to move-in day! Fondly,"

The Eichenseer's

"Thank you so much for your thoughtfullness and support with building our house. We truly love it . . . the old world English charm is exactly how we envisioned it. With your generous support, you've helped us build the house of our dreams. The design, the craftsmanship, the personal attention, the professionalism, the attention to detail, the level of communication . . . the list of positive experiences goes on. . .We feel honored to have the opportunity to work with such a great team as Moore Designs."

The Stockhausen's

"Randy and I would like to thank you for our beautiful new home. It was a pleasure to work with you both. All your hard work and attention to detail are greatly appreciated. Thank you for making great suggestions to make the house really special. We know you really care about the quality of your homes."

The Ciesielski's

"Whew . . . it's over! The house is done! It's just beautiful. We couldn't have done it without you or dreamt it to be any nicer. The workmanship is terrific. We've had many compliments on it and each time someone remarks about how much they like this or that, I feel that you deserve the credit! Thank you so much for your time and effort. It was great working with you!"

The Hankerson's

"Thank you for making our dream take shape and grow in front of our eyes. The house is beautiful, but the people who brought it to reality are beautiful too. Thank you for your kindness and mostly your constant patience."

The Hron's

"It's been two years since you've completed our new home and I've taken time to reflect upon the project. We remain thrilled with our new home. As you know, it was our first time to design and have a home constructed. Your organization displayed nothing but patience with our lack of knowledge and hesitations. Your design creativity and attention to detail is evident in the finished product. All of our requested changes were gladly accommodated. The craftsmen that are associated with your homes are superior to any others in the area. I appreciate you going above and beyond the call of duty to help me with things that weren't your responsibility. I have never heard of any contractor dealing with all the non-building issues that you have solved. Your work ethic ensures your clients are satisfied and it even fosters friendship. Remember that the pond is now stocked and we're waiting for you to come over for some fishing!"

The Skebba's

"We don't know what we would have done without you!! You guys are the greatest and ever so gifted!!"

The Bass’

"Thank you for building our beautiful home. We are enjoying the house more and more each day. Most of our guests feel our house should be in the "Parade of Homes". We enjoyed working with you and wish you success in the future."

The Birk’s

"Moore homes = quality...Couldn't have done it without you guys. Thanks for all your help."

The Briska's

"It's hard to imagine that we've been in the new house for a full year already. It's still enjoyable and fun to come home to. It's still hard to leave in the mornings too. It's still fun to entertain and have house guests (all of whom have loved the house by the way). The bluebirds have returned to nest again and the Spring trees are blooming so the views are prettier than ever. In short, "We're glad we're here! Thanks again to all of you for helping make it possible!"

The Britton's

"This house has turned out beautiful! We have so much admiration for your ability to turn our simple thoughts and answers to your questionnaire into an absolute dream home. Lisa, thank you for all your patience and guidance with the design and product selections. Dave, thank you for your attention to detail and customer service. You have wonderful staff and we appreciate each one's part in the building of our new home. Best wishes for many years of continued success. We are thrilled to call you our 'builder'."

The Brodish's

"Thank you for our new home. Needless to say, we are thrilled. The house is beyond our wildest dreams. We really like the plan, but the real house is even better. Certainly, the level of communication between you and us was a major plus in the art of building one's home. Dave, you were always there with an answer and when something needed to get done, it was always done ... Thank you for your part in making our dream come true."

The Daniel's

"Thanks again for 'taking care' of things that we didn't believe were even remotely your responsibility. It's great to know that there are businessmen who still take pride in what they do."

The DeBrunce's

"It's been a fantastic experience to work with all of you! Your enthusiasm and passion for what you do is incredible. Thanks so much."

The Fitt's

"We just love our new home. It has taken us a long time to get to this point and we are truly appreciating each day. Thank you for all your hard work in making our dream a reality. It was a true pleasure working with you. I will miss teasing you, Dave!"

The Gonwa's

"A note of immense gratitude for building our magnificent home. I wake up each day and have to pinch myself to remember that I am not a guest of the Ritz. Thank you so much for making this big step in our lives so very easy. I have been asked many times house building was stressful and, indeed, it was not. Especially because of the tireless efforts on your part."

The Grescoviak's

"Thank you for your expertise and patience with all of our questions. We love our new home and have gotten many compliments from family and friends as well as strangers!"

The Heimerl's

"We would like to let you know we are thoroughly enjoying our new home. We are constantly getting compliments on your work. Your professionalism throughout the project and the high standard of quality are greatly appreciated."

The Janzer's

"Thank you for allowing our first building experience to be so wonderful. From the very beginning you and Lisa were great to work with and really helped us a lot in making design decisions. Your staff was fantastic to work with and were always very helpful. We have had so many compliments on our new home and on all the fine details that you brought to the design."

The Jurss's

"Thank you for creating such a beautiful home for our family."

The Kaminski's

"Just would like to thank you for the beautiful house we have . . . thanks for all your help."

The M. Koch's

"Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it's been to have our new home constructed by Moore Designs - you all sure have 'set the standards' and defined 'the 10 commandments' for a happy, productive 'home-owner/builder' relationship...It's been great working with you and we'd be happy to recommend your design and construction expertise to any potential clients - we'd definitely 'do-it' again with Moore Designs."

The B. Koch's

"Thanks for all you have done for us. I don't know anyone who takes as much pride in their work as you do!"

The Kohlman's

"It has been two years since I moved into the house that you built for me -- time does fly. I just want you to know how satisfied I am with the house you built. As you know, I lost my wife just before we started to build and it was a trying time. You and everyone @ Moore Designs made the process simple and you have continued to follow through during the past 2 years. I want you to know I certainly appreciate the professionalism that everyone at Moore has afforded me. This includes many small things that you have done for me which many builders would have put off. I certainly would recommend you to build a quality house for anyone."

R. Komas

"We really enjoyed working with you and your team. You're a class "A" builder and we'd recommend you to anyone interested in the adventure of new home building. Best wishes for the future."

The LaBonte's

"Our house seems to be changing so fast it's hard to keep up with it (remodeling). Already, people are saying what a beautiful home it's going to be. We both agree with them and know we picked the best builder when we picked Moore Designs. "

The Leardi's

I would like to thank you for building our home. We appreciate everything that you have done to make our home building experience a good one. I know your workmanship not only from our business relationship with you, but from other satisfied clients that you have built homes for. As you are already aware of, we will continue to recommend you to any future homeowners. . . . . .Again, thank you for everything you have done in making our home building experience a pleasurable one."

The Leininger's

"The extra mile all of you go in building makes for a smooth construction process. Your ideas and the quality you demand are greatly appreciated. We love our new home!"

The Martiny's

"Just a note of thanks for all you've done to make the building of our house such a pleasant experience. We never worried about anything because we know Dave does enough worrying for all of us! Seriously, we know few people as dedicated to their profession and you -- making sure things are done right, taking care of things we know nothing about and trusting your knowledge and expertise, always going the extra step to be generous and helpful and doing things beyond your job or responsibilities. Thanks to Lisa too with her help on the design, color choices, etc. We also enjoyed working with all of the subcontractors -- nice people who were helpful and fun to work with -- just like the Moore's. Our home is open to you any time! "

The McCann's

"Building a house? On time, on budget and hassle free? Impossible you say? You can do just that with Dave & Lisa Moore of Moore Designs. From the minute we started planning to the final closing, the project moved along as stated in the contract. Naturally, there were a few changes but those were approached with honesty and integrity. Each sub and each phase of the project was carefully documented in writing with most areas coming in within a few dollars of estimate. The quality of construction is excellent and David refuses to compromise on the things that really count ... They made our home construction a fun and pleasant experience."

The Muth's

"I am not sure what part of the building process was our favorite because there were so many. But, let me at least mention a few: 1) Bringing the pieces of the puzzle we had accumulated over the years together and seeing them magically take form on your conference room table. 2) Insisting on enough time to plan and execute the project correctly. 3) Visiting the many quality suppliers and having enough of an allowance to do it right. 4) Your including and encouragement of our soon-to-be architect son. 5) Checking the house during a horrendous windstorm only to find it rock solid. 6) Enjoying champagne and hors d'ouvres with the Moore's to celebrate our first night in the house. 7) Moving in a day ahead of schedule. 8) The continued interest in our home long after the accounts have been settled. We are deeply grateful for everything Moore Designs did to help us realize our dream. We will forever be ambassadors for your company, your product and your people. And, we would never consider building a house with anybody but Moore Designs."

The Pearson’s

"The MOORE we live in this house the MOORE we love it!"

The Peters

We're lucky to own such a great home and appreciate all you've done. The reputation you've built is well respected and deserved."

The Rose's

"The house is almost done and we want to say thank you to you both. I know you have "personally" over-extended yourselves for us. We appreciate all your extra efforts. I love the house and the more time I spend there the more excited I am about living there."

The Scheid's

"Thank you again for a very positive building experience. The finished product far exceeds our original expectation of what we envisioned our home would become and we feel this is largely due to your input and limitless ideas. We are especially pleased with the overall design and the finishing touches that both of you added to the house that would become our home. Neighbors and friends continually comment that our home looks like it has been part of the lake for many years. While we were acquaintances before the project, we can truly say we are friends now."

The Steinhardt's

"Many, many thanks for "making our day" and also for the great service we have received from all of you at Moore Designs. You've made our move a pleasant experience! And we love our new condo! Best Regards."

The Stenglein's

"Thanks so much for your drawings, patience and plans for our house. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you. We love the house, it's great! It was a lot of fun! Thank you so much!"

The Terry's

"Thanks again for building us a wonderful home. As we approach our first year in our new home, we look back at a spring of unpacking, summer of landscaping, fall of furniture shopping and our first Christmas in our new home...We continually get comments on our home from our neighbors on the lake, "your house fits your lot perfectly; I like the style of your house, it just looks like it belongs on a lake; you have the nicest house on the lake, etc. We can't thank you enough for getting us through the building process. Thanks again for our home."

The Theisen's

"We would like to express our appreciation for an enjoyable building experience. My being in the title insurance business, I often work with builders doing inspections and draws. My experience is that you must say or ask for things many times to ensure they get done. With Moore's, however, it need only be brought up once and it gets done. Also, thanks for doing things you didn't have to and thanks for going the extra mile, building our house the right way. In addition to building a great house, you also had fantastic design ideas. We are happy to let others know of your artistic contributions."

The Vogel’s

"Thanks for all the wonderful extra touches and helpful hints you provided during all stages of the building of our new home. It was a pleasure to build with you and your staff. "

The Wagner's

"A big ‘Thank you’ for all you did to build our wonderful home. We are truly enjoying it -- we've had many compliments on it. From start to finish you treated us great. It was sure a pleasure having you as our builders."

The Waldhardt's

"Thank you so much for building our beautiful home! We felt "at home" immediately - the workmanship and attention to detail creates a warm inviting atmosphere - which we love! It's kind of like our little retreat. Everyone that works for you has been diligent, hard-working and always respectful. We appreciated their contributions!"

The Wanezek's

"Thanks... you guys did a great job on building our dream home. It's beautiful. We are so proud to show it off and say Moore Designs built it. Also, thanks to Lisa for your help during the building process with questions I had. We are very pleased with the workmanship of the house. We would recommend Moore Designs to build their new house in a minute."

The Wenninger's

"We've been in our new home for several months now and could not be happier. The quality of the house is outstanding. The function and flow of the house is perfect. We enjoy every minute that we are home. Thank you!"

The Wilson's